6 tips for labeling in cosmetics that maybe you did not know

Cosmetics, as a sector whose purpose is to generate health, beauty and well-being in its consumers, must guarantee, from the ground up, transmit that tight feeling in a message that, in just seconds, generates in the client the emotion of visualizing itself itself, the effects of the product.

For this reason, industries dedicated to this sector must incorporate updated design techniques into their packaging, which in this year 2021, revolve around:

Sustainable packaging

Consumers are increasingly aware of preserving the environment, therefore in their search for solutions, in addition to the desired effects, they evaluate that the packaging is not polluting, generally betting on ecological, sustainable alternatives and materials with the least impact. environmental.


The minimalist design allows attention to be focused on the elements that really highlight the value of the brand, mainly natural products, where moderation and simplicity show that an orderly design communicates more than an overloaded graphic style.

Flat Inks, the elegance of flat design

Spot colors have dominated the world of design in recent years, led by large companies such as Apple who adopted spot shapes and colors to generate a global trend, so that packaging design would not be left out of flat illustration, but rather incorporates this versatile design style and achieves it through the contrast of color ranges, the simple use of fonts, flat colors and basic elements, thus managing to convey information at a glance, but at the same time, being attractive and accessible to the user. consumer.

Pastel colors

Naturally, the trend of “less is more” and of minimalism also applies to the colors used in the packaging. Pastel shades help generate interest in users since the use of these warmer colors makes the products stand out, being also synonymous with elegance, cleanliness and softness.

Revealing packaging

In the era of authenticity, consumers exhausted by false advertisements require honest, complete and clean packaging, so adopting transparencies and revealing the content, fosters a strong brand identity and a natural appeal that transmits feelings of positivity to clients and a strong brand identity to companies.

Luxury packaging

A luxury product deserves packaging to match. It requires time and knowledge, chance does not exist here, there is too much at stake. It is necessary to ensure that the packaging presents an innovative and high-quality solution. The combination of different shapes, colors, prints and materials underline the importance and uniqueness of the product, and give it an exclusive character.

In short, 2021 is looming as a year of change and the entry into a new era, it begins with a more dynamic, open and sustainable panorama, in creative conceptions. And all under the premise of improving people’s daily lives and building a better world for everyone, so you must ensure that your packaging transmits this.

In cosmetic matters, beauty will range from its presence to its efficiency!

21st June, 2021 |