We have an up-to-date system
to ensure compliance with and
respect for the Environmental Policy


There is no doubt that human activity has a considerable impact on the environment. That is why more and more companies are designing and carrying out their activities in accordance with the principals of sustainability.

The management of Gràfiques Vàries has implemented a system to ensure compliance with and respect for its Environmental Policy at all levels of the organisation.

Since 2001, we have been registered and certified with EMAS, and we were the first label company to register with the scheme.

The environmental management system is reviewed through audits and assessed by the Management during regular meetings to decide upon the effectiveness of the system and policy.


In 2011, Gràfiques VARIAS published its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report with the aim of giving back to society a part of what it has provided us with, in the hope of creating value through projects and initiatives that improve our economic, social and natural environment. Since then, this commitment has been a guiding principle in all our activities.