Generation Z defines the trends of Cosmetics Packaging 2022

La generación Z define las tendencias del packaging de cosméticos 2022

The accelerated growth of online purchases fueled an entire digital transformation for cosmetics brands, while a new generation rose as the main indicator of consumption, Generation Z.

In 2022, according to the EXE agency, they estimate an increase in e-commerce between 30-50%. This increase focuses on a generation that has grown up in a digital, social and environmentally compromised environment, and whose purchasing decisions will definitely influence product launches and brand positioning.

Some marked ideals as well as a liberating spirit that define the trends of cosmetics packaging in this 2022, based on:

1. A new post-Covid start: The joy of re-revealing faces without restraint are the new keys to makeup that stimulates fun and creativity, which is why bold colors, brightness and unique textures have greater possibilities in the market.

2. Radical inclusion: The era of “hiding imperfections” is coming to an end for this generation. Cosmetics brands must be inclusive and offer diverse solutions to enhance natural hues.

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3. Ethics: As a generation of firm convictions, the beauty industry must assume a genuine commitment to social and environmental causes, and transparency as a flag at all times.

4. Nature and technology: The “natural beauty” trend has evolved towards a consumer profile that is more open to solutions aimed at protecting the environment, the so-called “tech for good”. 5. Makeup for the digital age: Generation Z is the creator of TikTok and their virtual lives are more important than ever. Some brands launch filters, access to music lists (Spotify) and apps to test products. Others focus on genres that help consumers to be more favored in front of the camera (filters). This conditions brands to use intelligent Packaging as the creator of these experiences and as a safe bet in 2022.

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2022 will undoubtedly be a year of virtual and fun experiences that will define the advancement of Generation Z in cosmetics packaging.

Sources: EXE Agency and Cosmetic Industry Magazine

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23rd February, 2022 |