How to combine labels in summer?

In the hottest stage of the year, which we know as summer, we have to establish protocols that go from the outfit to the sequence of activities that we are preparing to carry out, but in the small or large world of products, which come to life in spaces such as the of a market: How does the selection of labels or promotional activities to be used work?

Yes, we are talking about the food, cosmetics, wine-cava-liquor and industry sectors, all in themselves and their seduction techniques, in a stage, in which consumers seek freshness as a determining factor in their purchases. Because who doesn’t want ice cream in summer? Just thinking about it is sure that our palate gets wet, and that same sensation is what our products seek to get inside a showcase or counter, when they face choices of seconds.

 For this, industries must be clear about the market segment to which their brand is directed, as well as the season of the year that is most appropriate for its consumption, and, if it is a stable product in the year, incorporate into its portfolio alternatives of: designs, papers and colors on their labels that allow them to succeed whatever the scenario they face. And yes, this would be your sales strategy, because in summer we need pastel colors, fresh designs and sensory styles that generate experiences, suitable, to include in the holiday album.

Make your label a space in the summer!

29th July, 2021 |