How to generate greater impact through packaging?

The coronavirus pandemic has meant a new beginning for many brands that, given the boom in online shopping and the need for safe products and reliable information on the part of the consumer, had to readjust their conception of packaging and promote changes. These changes are taking place especially in the labeling of food products, based on the consumer’s demand to access more transparent and sustainable brands, which has allowed us to identify four trends related to this sector that are having a great impact in the year 2021:

1. Accessibility to information on food labeling:

Consumers, more aware and demanding, need to be sure of the impact of what they consume and of the sources related to their raw materials, without being predictable. In this sense, the information on food labeling must be clear, complete and direct for easy interaction but without ceasing to be creative, being necessary to venture into new concepts, such as digital identity, where customers by means of a QR code or NFC can check a brand’s commitment online.

Using technologies such as Tapinpack (Smart Packaging Platform), customers can access exclusive information on brands, special promotions and even events or dynamic content; But in addition, producers and distributors can track the product, analyze the effectiveness of their campaign and attract, segment and retain their customers.

Also for a visual and own plane on the label, many brands have been included in lines such as NutriScore (voluntary scheme of frontal labeling by colors) that classifies foods and beverages according to their nutritional profile, they help the consumer when choosing healthier products in a more intuitive way.

2. Traceability to avoid waste

Counteracting food waste is a mission of the market chains and a challenge for the food industries, who for a better control of the traceability of their products have to promote the use of innovative technologies, such as Blockchain and Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID) and Tapinpack by including bar codes on their labels or packaging that provide visibility in real time, and in turn, the possibility of responding in a timely manner to any problem of interruption in the supply chain, greater control of stocks , reduction of inventory time, and also provide useful information to the consumer.

3. Sustainable food and ecological packaging:

It is one of the most determining trends for consumers and brands. From a social awareness generated by the evident damage caused by industrialization, which has unequivocally conditioned the need to rethink the ecological credentials of products and their packaging, which translates into sustained innovation and is reflected in evolution. of the packaging. From the inclusion of recycled, biodegradable materials or natural compounds to the use of technology that promote a circular economy such as that which allows the clean separation of the PET packaging label during its recycling process and that which resists multiple life cycles of the product. , improving the reuse of the bottles.

4. Safety in the delivery of food by delivery

In these times in which an accelerated growth of shipments has been promoted, it is necessary to guarantee the safety and security of the products, especially when their content is food, having to have attractive packaging, resistant to all phases of shipment. , and that also, for the consumer, reflects the confidence and guarantee of a product that has not been altered, being an alternative for this, the use of tamper-proof food labels or void labels, which provide great transparency to when it comes to knowing if the product has been tampered with, and also a security seal on the packaging or container.

The packaging industry is showing enormous adaptability to consumer needs, and is very prolific when it comes to innovation. The concept of packaging was left behind as a simple system to protect and identify products; Now we are talking about properties that have given identity to many brands and that are capable of communicating and connecting with the consumer when making decisions.

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6th July, 2021 |