Label: starter or dessert?

The labeling industry advances in line with market trends, whose projection to reduce both polluting and organic waste, responds to environmental and human commitments, and derives, an industrial challenge.

Based on this, printers seek sustainable solutions for their customers, mainly in the food sector, in order to minimize waste. Launching on the market labeling proposals with natural and edible bases such as: potato starch, rice paper or sugar, which have in it, the interest of the novelty.

But, in terms of functionality and hygiene, do you think it is appropriate for the label of a wine, a fruit or a jar in general, to be edible? Just imagine its trajectory in the distribution chain itself, its stay in the different sales lines, and the adhesive, how to forget how toxic its intake could be.

These elements allow us to establish foundations to determine the prudence or not of the use of these labeling techniques, which only in confectionery have found success in their application, under strict safety practices supported by the slogan, everything that is served, is consume.

                                                                                     So let’s get creatively functional !!

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19th August, 2021 |