Sustainability in the 21st century

                                                                             How to be sustainable in the graphic sector?

At Gráficas Varias we are committed to an eco-responsible attitude in the printing of our labels, opting for this, by the application of 5 axes of action in sustainability that guarantee the optimization of resources, the reduction of the impact on the environment and maintenance of quality standards, which in practice would be:

Reduce: Optimize the size of the label, respecting the content and the design, but eliminating the empty spaces both in the labeling and in the packaging to be used.

To do this, in Varias, coils are offered whose dimensions range from 142mm-420mm to adapt to the labeling requirements, take advantage of a greater percentage of spaces and generate minimal waste, in addition to packaging of dissimilar dimensions that are made up from the box to the pallet and are adjusted to the volumes of the orders and the optimization of spaces.

Reuse: Offer a new opportunity for use, both for the raw materials that make up the label and for the containers that carry it.

Faced with this challenge, label removal mechanisms are proposed that do not damage the container that contains them and that allow a new life for them, and regarding labeling, the minimum use of PET material is ensured, and that their sources of origin pay tribute to recycling and recovery in the manufacturing process itself.

Replace: Replace raw materials with high environmental impact or non-recyclable, with eco-responsible alternatives.

At Gráficas Varias we are committed to correcting, and for this, raw materials with negative environmental impact are substituted or reduced to the minimum admissible levels, launching proposals for sustainable labeling and packaging with recycled bases, mineral paper and materials such as kraf, which allow the continuity of the economic cycle, without compromising the levels of quality and resistance in both processes.

Renew: Prioritize the use of bio-based raw materials in the labeling.

In view of the environmental commitment, in Varias, printing technologies are perfected and the use of biodegradable materials of vegetable and mineral origin are perfected, for the conformation of glue-on, adhesive labels and even sleeves, maintaining their distinctive properties in terms of image and perdurability.

Recycle: Integrate the labeling process into the circular economy.

The recycling process in Varias is made up of production with the reuse of raw materials and the scheduling of collection of waste from the manufacturing process for reuse by the entities empowered to do so in the production of fuel for cement companies, as well as , the use of recyclable materials such as cardboard or derivatives in packaging.

Bets carry risks and sustainability is still one of them, but the guarantee of a future depends precisely on how eco-responsible the actions we adopt are. Let us know your criteria and do not hesitate to contact us to address the subject further and help you how to make your brand more sustainable.

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Sustainability, the symbol of success !!

17th May, 2021 |