The label, the silent salesman

At present, there is an overexposure of products in the midst of a large network of supply and demand, where competition only allows the survival of the most qualified, not exempting brands, on the contrary, they are increasingly involved in making their own. the laws of attraction that make your choice inevitable over that of a competitor with the same concerns and initiatives.

For this reason, it has become a challenge for companies not only to transmit a message in the product, but to awaken the interest of the consumer; Let’s take an example, let’s stop for a moment and reflect on the following: In front of a showcase in the wine section, what would be the first bottle you would take, at least, to look at it closely? There will be those who would opt for a particular brand, out of loyalty to it as consumers, others who would look for the one with the lowest price, but surely, that none of us will be able to avoid observing that bottle whose image stands out from the rest, and it is that curiosity that it will make us give less value to what our purchases anticipate and take risks for the change.

Well, this is confirmed by studies, 85% of purchasing decisions at points of sale are produced instantaneously, where consumers acknowledge receiving a greater influence from packaging than from marketing outside the store, therefore, companies to When defining the design of the label that will carry your product, they must be prudent in the choice of shapes, materials and colors, and these, derive from a previous study, which guarantees, once the article is on display, communication and seduction at the time of purchase, and that in addition to a visual factor, by incorporating in the labeling: aromas, reliefs and eco-friendly materials, awaken in the consumer the need to touch, smell and retain them in their memory, without ceasing to perceive from them, useful information for their consumption.

In this way, it is like the label as its own ambassador of a brand, it becomes its most effective seller, capable of connecting with the consumer and anticipating what he thinks or expects from the product, with seduction techniques that encourage dreaming, but selling reality, in a story, that only lasts seconds.

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Make your label your best presentation !!

3rd June, 2021 |