Virtual reality in Packaging!

Proyección virtual del etiquetado

When starting a design project, imagination is often required to visualize the proposal in the idealized packaging format or to convey a clear idea to the packaging supplier.

A process, which often misses such basic and important elements as ideal dimensions, technical adjustments and corrections that are only reliable once the labels have been printed and the tests performed; but what would that lead to?

From our experience we have been able to identify what is incurred in:

• Unnecessary delays

• Higher costs

• Dilation of the negotiation process

Therefore, and based on this, we have a platform in which we can adjust the design proposals to the packaging of choice, transforming the imagination into virtual reality in all sectors, which not only offers a more precise vision of the Packaging but also In addition, it will allow:

• Detect possible problems before printing

• Minimize commercial times

• Greater effectiveness and guarantees in the production process

We continue to bet on digitization and the solutions that it brings us.

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22nd December, 2021 |