Why bet on smart food packaging?

esmart food packaging

Brands enhance the image that best represents their products in a highly competitive market, but what concerns consumers today?

In the 21st century, stereotypes take a backseat to the need for high-value information in smart and active packaging. The digital age is an unbridled trend that requires brands to provide an entire experience to users, supported, in the food sector, in natural and healthy products, and in packaging, which not only certify total safety and immunity in the chain supply, but also extend the useful life and avoid waste, as the basis of a relationship of trust producer-consumer.

Given this, it is important in the selection or design of the Packaging for food products to take into account:


Use of ICTs applied to packaging to increase the exchange of information between brands and users in real time, either as a customer experience, logistics or security.


Use of recyclable and / or reusable packaging materials, incentive to increase the useful life of the packaging, as well as the use of minimalist designs (reduction) as a balance between solution and social impact.

smart food packaging

Supply chain (waste):

Product traceability is a key factor to ensure control of the supply chain, reducing costs and unnecessary errors. Therefore, in the context of food waste, it must be implemented:

-Double labeling of products, at pallet scale and individual products to allow full traceability through SC (Special Code).

-Smart packaging in e-commerce foods with traceability, authentication and temperature control and monitoring of the cold chain to address shelf life problems in those who require it.

Active packaging:

One of the new R&D trends to solve food waste is the development of Active Packaging Tecnologic, capable of extending the useful life of food even twice as long as conventional packaging and managing limited resources in a more intelligent way. world’s food, an example of this:

-Antimicrobial packaging

-Antioxidant container -Antifungal packaging

-Oxygen scavenger packaging

-Ethylene remover packaging

-Humidity and temperature controllers

Active Labels: Thermochromic Inks – Gráficas Varias (graficasvarias.com)

Smart packaging and labels:

Smart packaging technologies capable of providing valuable information that is not limited to only an expiration date, but incorporates indicators such as colorimetrics to show, for example, the level of freshness of the product or the required temperature, generating reliability and avoiding loss of food throughout the supply chain.

Smart packaging provides information on product traceability that will allow companies to design protection strategies or redesign packaging and / or logistics.

smart food packaging

These elements are the guarantee to succeed in an increasingly demanding and complex market, such as the food sector.

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15th December, 2021 |